About Us

 Grand Parkett Custom Hardwood Floors, We’ve Traveled The World, Learning Off  The Best,  To Bring The Best Craftsmanship To The UK…

Wood Floor Inspection Sanding Fitting Experts

Hardwood floor sanding fitting inspection specialists Grand Parkett, are a Liverpool based company serving the Northwest and UK. A company that strives to be different than the norm. Our approach to crafting the finest wood floors in the UK began by learning from the worlds finest wood floor craftsmen. We set about learning how to install custom artisan design floors, inlays, borders, medallions and logos, its what sets us apart, its why virtually all our work is by word of mouth.

Hardwood Floor Sanding Fitting Inspection.

The journey led  to several states in America, Germany, France and Poland learning from the world’s most talented wood floor people, multi NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association) Wood Floor Of The Year winners, on many NWFA schools, and invited by master craftsmen to learn the craft… because like us, they’re passionate about wood floors.

It’s an ongoing commitment to learning and bringing the latest skills, knowledge and designs to the UK that’s brought with it long lost traditional skills like hand scraping, carving and scroll work, marquetry and parquetry.

Our floors are designed by ruler and compass, not computers, every piece of wood is hand cut, without a laser or cnc machine in sight, just as the meticulous detail to finishing is done on site with custom colours, from the tree to your floor, its done the hard way, we put our heart and soul into it, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Whilst we do some prefinished wood floors, our speciality is sanding, handscraping and site finishing. You cannot buy the finishing we can achieve over the counter, from a store or online, it has to be done on site, custom finished to your floor.

Liverpool Base…National UK Coverage

From our base in Liverpool, much of our work is in the Northwest, we do work all over the UK, particularly in London on custom design floors. If you want something a bit a different than the norm, something with elegance, Grand Parkett does it. We respect your property, your privacy and security entirely, work to our clients most demanding requirements, and strive to ensure the whole experience of working together is positive, after all, we want you recommending us to your friends and family.

With the only NWFA Certified Wood Flooring Inspector in the UK, NWFA Certified Installer and Sand and Finisher, you can be confident your floor will be installed or restored by professionals.