Can I Apply Hardwax Oil On My Oiled Wood Floor?

Can I Apply Hardwax Oil On My Oiled Wood Floor?

Can I Apply Hardwax Oil On My Oiled Wood Floor? Is a question I am often asked. First, if you give the floor a good deep clean with Floor Service Parquet Cleaner, or Loba ParkettSoap. After allowing the floor to completely dry, apply  Floor Service hardwax oil Classic.

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Ongoing maintenance should be carried out of your oiled floor on a regular basis. Daily vacuuming or dry mopping prevents dirt and grit from abrading your floor, causing traffic lanes and premature wear areas.

Weekly cleaning with a diluted solution of Floor Service Parquet Cleaner or Loba Cleaner gets rid of bonded dirt and sticky residues. 

Once or twice a year, you should give the floor a maintenance clean and oil. Clean the floor as you would normally do. Allow to dry, a great product and system for maintaining oiled floors is Floor Service Maintenance Oil. Spray a little with a trigger sprayer on your floor, and use the Overmat Floor Service buffer, the Floorboy XL300. This little floor buffer is only £280 + vat, but its superb and makes re-oiling your floor a breeze. Its only small and lightweight, so will easily store away in a cupboard or under the stairs.



Watch Overmat Floorboy XL300 (EN) from Overmat Industries B.V. on Vimeo of a floor being maintained with Overmat Floorboy and Maitenance Oil.

For oiled floors with a white finish, Floor Service do a white maintenance oil, so you won’t turn your floor a natural wood colour. 

Can I Apply Hardwax Oil On My Oiled Wood Floor? Floor Service Maintenance OilCan I Apply Hardwax Oil On My Oiled Wood Floor?

Overmat Floor Service are a Dutch company of real high quality wood floor hardwax oils, maintenance products, and waterbase finishes. Used by leading parkett manufacturers and contractors across the world. Grand Parkett are timber floor specialists, contractors, inspectors, and finishers that recommend Floor Service and Loba products to our clients, friends, and is what we use ourselves.