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custom wood floorsCustom Wood Floors

Custom wood floors by Grand Parkett are a sound investment in any home. Your floorspace is our canvas to add a hardwood floor to be proud of. From English oak floors to exotic hardwoods, installed in an infinite design range, the beauty of custom design floors, nobody else will have exactly the same floor as you.

You can have massive wide and long planks installed that are the length of your room without end joints, to blocks and mosaics consisting of thousands of hand cut pieces.

Geometric designs, organic designs, inlays, borders, medallions, logo’s, scrollwork, the list is endless what can be achieved, custom wood floors built to your room.

Maybe you want a simple accent border or Greek Key design to picture frame your floor, or a curved border around your bay window, no problem. Maybe you want Versailles parquet panels, continuous basketweave or herringbone, or stairs cladding in solid oak, we can do that also.

Our floors are often bespoke designs, we’ll go through a design brief with you to get your input and ideas, if it can be done, we’ll do the floor you always wanted.

A real wood floor should last a lifetime, by investing a little more time, effort and money, you can have the custom wood floors designs you would really prefer, in an age of big box stores and internet shopping, the cheap and disposable age, we can fit a floor to be you’ll be proud to own.

Custom wood floors add value

Everyone knows laminate flooring is not a real wood floor,  a real faux pas yes, installed by first time buyers and landlords alike to simulate a wood floor. The fashion equivalent of a pair of cheap plastic shoes or a pair of fine handmade leather shoes.  Investing in a real wood floor can add value to your home, but like a pair of fine handmade leather shoes, you don’t buy them to add value, you buy them because you want quality.


custom wood design floors