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greek-key bespoke wood floor border inlay design ideasWood Floor Border Inlay Design Ideas

Inlaid borders, inlay medallions and marquetry designs can really give a floor the wow factor, it’s something that was done in the Grand Palaces of Versailles and Fontainebleau hundreds of years ago, many of the palaces and public buildings of Russia and across Europe are adorned with floors that are an absolute work of art, hand crafted by long gone artisans, unlike many of today’s disposable floors, they will live on forever and never go out of fashion.

Feature strips like simple tram lines around a parquet or plank floor add a whole new look, they can even be added to an existing parquet floor. Contrasting wood species are used to add design elements within the floor, or we can use materials like brass strips, stainless steel, copper, aluminium, marble, granite, Corian®.

Geometric patterns, Greek key designs, starbursts, circular designs, scroll work, its an endless possibility what can be done, Grand Parkett artisan craftsmen hand cut all our inlay borders, medallions, logos and design panels.

London calling…. Grand Parkett create bespoke custom inlay design floors in London and the UK

Whatever your budget, we can create design elements within your floor to make it stand out from the crowd, from the basic to the most elaborate marquetry designs, give us an outline of what you want and we’ll advise you.

Oak, Maple, Beech, Walnut, Wenge, Sycamore, Ash, Padouk, Zebrano, Mahogany, Purpleheart, Pear, Hickory, Jarrah, Jatoba, Iroko, hardwood and softwood, domestic and exotic species, custom handcrafted inlay parquet design floors add style and elegance to your home.

An inlay medallion can be the centerpiece of the custom parquet floor design, it could be a compass or starburst, a geometric design, scroll work, a picture, a mosaic or whatever design you want in your floor.

Inlay border designs don’t just have to be installed around the border of rooms, they add a real touch of class when custom installed to fit around beds, furniture and other standing features to “picture frame” the item.


Do something special with your bespoke wood floor border inlay design ideas

custom-medallion with brass bespoke wood floor border inlay design ideas  maple & walnut bespoke wood floor border inlay design ideas