Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

handscraped-wood flooringReal Hand Scraped Wood Flooring

Hand scraped wood flooring was common prior to the early 1900s ,wood floors were finished by hand to remove saw marks left by the lumber mill. Back then, they never had the type of modern machinery found in today’s floor mills and raw timber was installed as flooring complete with heavy saw marks and uneven thicknesses.

The floor artisan would tediously work the floor with handscrapers and planes to even out the floor, the quality of finish depended on the artisan, and more so, the calibre of home he was working. The affluent fine county manor house had a greater attention to detail and a finer finish, the town house had a more rustic look.

Then came the portable electric sanding machine and the tedious back-breaking work of the handscraping artisan was consigned to history.

A couple of years ago, handscraping made a recovery by a select few artisans, taking the same old scrapers and centuries old techniques to achieve the old rustic look of days gone by.

Not shy of a hard days work, we have embraced the artisans craft and offer genuine hand scraped wood flooring, as far as I’m aware, the only company in the UK still doing it. Lots of companies offer hand scraped floors, but its flooring that has gone through a planer machine with a wavy blade to give the look of a handscraped floor, and every plank is a cookie cutter of the next.

 Hand Scraping Wood Floors In The UK

Genuine hand scraped wood floors are scraped in situ…on the floor, sometimes we make a start on the workbench and finish off on the floor once installed, a beautiful elegant look can only be had by working each plank, carefully selecting knots and grain patterns to work and highlight. Boards are scraped across each other so you know by looking it’s a hand hewn finish.

The beauty with handscraped floors is they look even better with age, everyday dents and dings blend in and become part of the authentic distressed look. Knots can be stained or burnt to highlight them, gauges, chips, woodworm holes, custom colouring and all manner of distressing can be done to give a truly elegant floor crafted by Artisans.

The hardest work about a building is to be found on the floor, and three days continuous labour of this sort will give lame back, sore knees and a wire edge temper to any but a saintly character. This is no place for a man who is lazy or grouchy
F.G, Odell, Hardwood Floors. 1906

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