Parquet Floor Fitting, Sanding & Restoration

parquet floor fitting, Maghull, Liverpool.Parquet Floor Fitting…Timeless Elegance


Parquet floor fitting and sanding experts, Grand Parkett can install the a wood floor you will be proud to own. The traditional herringbone parquet  is the most common parquet floor in the UK, widely fitted throughout the UK as the traditional school floor, fitted in churches, halls and victorian homes, its the classic parquet design. By using different patterns or mixing different size blocks we can achieve a whole new look by fitting your parquet floor

We install Chevron or Hungarian Point designs. Panels in Versailles, Chantilly, Brittany, Arremberg and other classical French designs, as well as our own designs.

Grand Parkett Custom Hardwood Floors  install parquet flooring, sand and seal parquet floors and restore damaged parquet floors in Liverpool, Manchester, Cheshire, Lancashire, Wirral, Warrington, Southport Chester and across the UK.

Parquet Flooring Sanding & Restoration

Grand Parkett restore damaged and loose parquet flooring. If your parquet blocks are loose, chances are they are stuck down with bitumen that has broken down. We uplift all loose areas, clean off the old bitumen from the blocks and sub-floor, before glueing the blocks back down with modern adhesives. After sanding and filling your floor, we varnish the floor with a tough waterbase floor lacquer, or with hardwax oil. You can also have your parquet floor stained to change the colour.

Oak Parquet Flooring Fitting

Oak is a very versatile species of wood when it comes to flooring, its relatively tough, takes stain well, and because of the natural tannins in the wood, lends itself nicely to some of the trendy reactive stain processes we use. Our reactive stains do just that with oak, they react with the tannins in the wood,  turning the oak a grey colour, depending on the strength of the solution and reaction time, we can come up with many shades of grey, from light grey to almost black. Popular with interior designers, grey is very much in vogue at the moment. Our collection of grey shades are trendy, will compliment all colour schemes and can be done on new or existing oak flooring.

For parquet floor fitting, we carry out a full survey and inspection prior to installation to determine that the sub-floor is suitable. Your sub-floor may need remedial works before your parquet floor fitting, we undertake all preparation works including moisture testing,  damp proof membranes, ply-lining, screeding.