Wood Floor Inspection

Wood Floor Inspections

A wood floor inspection that deals with problems that arise from all manner of circumstances, from product failure, installation or finishing issues to site conditions, can establish the facts of why a floor has failed. When an issue cannot be resolved between the concerned parties, a certified wood floor inspector can  help mediate and offer an unbiased report on the matter.
David Watson is an NWFA Certified Wood Floor Inspector that can offer a third party unbiased inspection to determine why the floor has failed.
A detailed inspection consists of carrying out specific tests and recording data to support the conclusion of the report. The report will be totally unbiased and confidential and the findings will only be revealed to the commissioning party.

 The Wood Floor Inspection Report

The report is a statement of facts that consists of testing data, photos, analysis charts, claims history, referencing to industry/manufacturer guidelines and standards, reason of cause, all written in a formatted, clear and concise report.
The commissioning party may or may not find the conclusion of the report to be favourable for them, my job is to remain totally impartial and gather the facts, testing on site, speaking to all parties concerned, using my expertise as a flooring professional and consulting with industry guidelines, standards and specifications to support the conclusion, it is up to the concerned parties on how they wish to resolve the matter thereafter.
With the findings of the wood floor inspection report, it may be easier for the parties to resolve the matter, or the report can form the basis of a legal dispute.

nwfa certified wood floor inspection UK

Hiring an NWFA certified wood floor inspector is a cost effective solution to finding the cause of the complaint, as an NWFA certified inspector, certified installer and certified sand & finisher, as well as an NWFA Craftsman degree holder, I can act as an expert witness, and work as a consultant to mitigate potential problems before installation occurs. Helping with specifications, moisture testing, subfloor preparation standards, flooring product evaluation and suitability, site conditions and more to ensure the installation is a success.

Independent Inspection Of Wood Flooring Faults

Whatever the wood flooring complaint, from an installation, product, sand/finish issue, call Grand Parkett for an expert independent wood floor inspection.

We do not inspect vinyl floors, carpet, tile, rubber or other flooring materials, we’re the experts in hardwood floor inspections in the UK. The only NWFA certified wood floor inspector in the UK, Certified Installer, Certified Sand & Finisher, we are an actual wood floor installation company, installing wood floors to the highest standards. We therefore understand, what standards of installation or finishing are expected, if you need an expert opinion on any wood flooring issue, Grand Parkett are the only company to call.