Diamabrush Wood – Concrete Floor Prep Tool

 Diamabrush Wood – Concrete Floor Prep Tool

Diamabrush Wood – Concrete Floor Prep Tool make your floor sanding and concrete floor preparation easier. The Diamabrush Hardwood Prep Tool removes carpet adhesive, sticky bitumen coatings from old pine floors, shellac and tough aluminium oxide finish. Those old pine floors that are painted around the sides with blackjack or shellac quickly clog up sanding discs and belts. The 50 grit diamond coated blades on the  tool do not clog up, quickly cutting through these sticky coatings.

Diamabrush wood floor tool UK

Tough Pre Finished Aluminium Oxide Coatings

Aluminium oxide and ceramic pre finished flooring can be tough to sand. The Diamabrush is the best tool for this job. Cut through it first with the  Hardwood tool, finish off with your belt machine and edger. Save time and money.

Diamabrush Hardwood Floor Coating Removal Tool

Diamabrush Mastic Removal Tool For Concrete Floors

The Diamabrush Mastic Removal Tool removes adhesive, bitumen, mastic and paint from screed and concrete floors. This tool beats sanding discs, copper discs and scrapers hands down. Make your job easier, Diama it.   

diamabrush concrete mastic removal toolClutch Plate To Fit Your Buffer

We carry clutches to fit most buffers, Bona Powerdive, US Machines. Klindex, Wirbel, Pallmann / Wolff Italian Machines.  Numatic, call us or email your buffer. 

See this great video from City Floor Supply, Philadelphia on the amazing job the Diamabush done removing carpet adhesive.