Loba 2K Intensive Color Primer & Stain

Loba 2K Intensive Color Stain

Loba 2K Intensive Color Stain is an oil based primer that really brings out the colour in wood flooring. Its a 2 part primer, just like a 2 pack lacquer in that you mix a hardener in. For priming all types of wood prior to the application of water based finishes.

Use With Invisible Protect, Just 1 Coat Intensive & 1 Invisible For Domestic

For domestic homes, you can apply 1 coat of intensive, and 1 coat of invisible protect since they are both 2k finishes. It offers a high quality finish, with time and cost savings of the traditional 1 prime 2 finish system.

Brings Out The Beauty Of Wood

Loba Intensive Color & Transparent really brings out the beauty of wood, giving the look of an oil finish, but the durability and easy maintenance of a lacquer. See the colours in stock and buy Loba 2k Intensive Here

loba 2k intensive color