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  • Wagner MMC220 Wood Moisture Meter

Wagner MMC220 Wood Moisture Meter

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Wagner MMC220 Wood Moisture Meter

The Wagner MMC220 Wood Moisture Meter is a pinless meter that’s ideal for measuring wood moisture content in hard and softwoods. Its easy to use and being a pinless type meter, does not put pinholes in the wood.

The Wagner MMC220 wood moisture meter is pre-programmed with the species of wood you are testing. Meaning you get the correct moisture content for the species you are testing, and that’s very important.

Wagner Meter’s IntelliSense™ technology ensures the meter measures deep into the wood for a truer picture of the moisture content. Some other meters can have innacurate readings due to surface moisture or dew point condensation. The meter measures a bigger area than pin type meters that just measure between the pins at the depth they are inserted.

We recommend the Wagner MMC220 Wood Moisture Meter to any wood flooring professional, inspector or any wood craftsman who wants to quickly and accurately measure wood moisture content.

We use this meter daily on our wood floor inspections, and installations. All wood floor installers should be taking moisture readings in the subfloor and the wood floor they are fitting, just as important, they should be taking photographic evidence of the moisture reading to document the installation. Should there problems in the future, you have the photo evidence that proves the floor was installed to guidelines.

Wagner MMC 220 for refinishing wood floors

The meter is also very useful to refinishing companies to check the finish has dried sufficiently to put on a further coat, or when water popping the grain or staining. Simply get a baseline reading from before you put on any finish, and work to that.

Check out this great video of Crimson Guitars review of the Wagner MMC220 and see why many of the worlds leading guitar manufacturers only use this moisture meter.

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