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Loba Wood Floor Primer

Here you'll find Loba wood floor primer. Loba Waterbase wood floor primer is Loba Easyprime, Loba Primaseal Plus is a solvent primer.

Berger Seidle Floor Finish

Berger Seidle have 3 primers, a standard waterbase primer-AquaSeal Flex Primer. A waterbase for exotic hardwoods and colour enhancement - AquaSeal ExoBloc, and a solvent primer-  UniQuick, fast drying, good colouration, less grain raise.

Bona Prime Classic and Bona White

Stockists of Bona Prime Classic and Bona White Prime. 

Berger Seidle AquaSeal FlexPrimer
Berger Seidle ExoBloc Primer
Bona Prime Classic
Bona Natural Primer
Bona White Primer
LOBA Easyprime Primer
Loba PrimaSeal Plus
Fiddes Barrier Seal
Loba 2K Intensive Color Primer
Loba 2K Intensive Sample Set
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