SPECIAL OFFER: 5Ltr Berger Seidle Pafuki Super £32.75...A Superb Solvent Filler. Mix with wood dust. Find it in Sub Floor-adhesives page 


Berger Seidle Wood Floor Adhesive

Berger Seidle K1 Solvent adhesive is our No1 adhesive for parquet renovation projects. Sovent based, it can be used with parquet blocks with traces of bitumen adhesive. M1X engineered wood floor adhesive is for all multilayer and solid wood overlay or mosaic panels up 10mm.

Berger Seidle Pafuki Super Solvent Filler

 Pafuki Super solvent filler is mixed with wood dust to make a fast drying, colour matched filler for parquet floors.

Lecol 7500 Wood Floor Filler

Wood floor filler Lecol 7500 solvent filler and Loba EasyFill Pro Waterborne Filler.

Wakol MS230 Flexible Adhesive, Wakol MS260 Firm Adhesive

Berger Seidle BergerBond K1
Berger Seidle PAK-Stop Filler
Berger Seidle BergerBond M1X
Berger Seidle Pafuki Filler
Berger Seidle Pafuki Pulver
Lecol PVAC Adhesive / Glue
Wakol MS230 Elastic Adhesive
Wakol MS260 Firm Parquet Adhesive
Wakol PU225 Adhesive
Wakol MS265 Adhesive
Loba WS EasyFill Pro 5 Litre
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