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Berger Seidle Wood Floor Adhesive

Berger Seidle wood floor adhesives are premium quality modified silane adhesives for solid parquet and plank, as well as engineered flooring.

M1X is a flexible silane adhesive suitable for solid parquet and solid strip flooring. Suitable for engineered flooring and underfloor heating systems.

M1 is a firm silane adhesive suitable for solid plank and parquet, as well as wide board engineered flooring. 

Berger Seidle Pafuki Super Solvent Filler

 Pafuki Super solvent filler is mixed with wood dust to make a fast drying, colour matched filler for parquet floors.

Berger Seidle M1 Adhesive
Berger Seidle Sausage Gun
Soudal Mitre Kit 200ml + 50g
Soudal Mitre Kit 400ml + 100g
Berger Seidle  M1X
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