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Floor Sanding Belts

Floor Sanding Belts From Starcke Abrasives

Wood floor sander abrasive belts to fit Lagler, Bona, Clarke, Pallmann, Kunzle & Tasin, Wolff, Deva and all professional 8" & 10" belt machines. We stock Starcke Abrasives Zirconia belts, they're superb quality and longevity at very competitive prices. Also in stock are Starcke ceramic belts.

Norton Red Heat Belts

Buy the best floor sanding belts on the market today - Norton Red Heat. We stock Red Heat in 8" 200 x 750 and 10" 250 x 750.   

Norton Blaze Floor Sanding Belts

Norton's top of the line abrasive, Norton Blaze is the abrasive to go to for fast, aggressive sanding. For sanding aluminium oxide coatings, Blaze gets it done faster and easier, saving you time and money.

Hermes Abrasive Belts

Hermes floor sanding belts are premium abrasives made in Germany. Hermes zirconium belts cut fast and aggressive. The preferred zirconia belt of many professional floor sanding contractor.

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